• Building/Rebuilding Credit/Second Chance Product
  • Debt Reduction, including student loans and taxes
  • Public Benefits/Community Resources
  • Mainstream financial products and services
  • Employment
  • Transportation
  • Housing-Homeownership/Rental
  • Legal “Know Your Rights”​

 A program designed to help individuals achieve financial and self sustainability through:

  • Basic Financial Education
  • Defined “SMART” goals
  • Behavior modification
  • Asset accumulation
  • Group/One-on-one training
  • Accountability
  • Follow-up
  • Referral

Homeownership Program-EHome America (online)

  • An on-line homeownership education program offered in partnership with ehomeAmerica, a HUD approved counseling agency.
  • Fee based training, with discounts available to individuals having completed the Financial Education boot camp and those receiving USDA Direct financing.
  • Offered in English and Spanish 



  • March 2011, Mississippi one of three states to implement children college savings program as a pilot
  • Worked in conjunction with the US Department of Treasury and the FDIC Community Affairs Program Outreach Efforts 
  • MCFAC two-year pilot provided financial literacy education and awareness to over 4,400 individuals and families throughout the northeast and Delta areas of MS
  • September  2011 partnered with the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED), Delta State University (CCED), Hope Credit Union, Southern Bancorp, the City of Jackson Early Childhood Development Centers, Leland Elementary School, Washington County Head Start, and funding from the Kellogg Foundation
  • Mississippi College Savings Account Program was launched!
  • 2016 partnered with Mississippi Affordable College Savings (MACS) 529 Program

2017 Graduating Class of Winona Baptist Church

Business Development Program
Developed in 2015 by Guaranty Bank & Trust
Six weeks program taught in 2-2 ½ hours curriculum
Financial Education Boot Camp pre-requisite
45 graduates in 2015!


The “Financial Capability” program is a collaborative effort between Mississippi Community Financial Access Coalition [MCFAC], Guaranty Bank, FDIC Money Smart Program, MS State Extension Service, Head Start Centers, Housing Authorities, Colleges and Universities, and other community and faith-based organizations in the MS.

Financial Education Program
The goal of this initiative is not only to teach individuals financial literacy education, but to provide them with tools, strategies, and access to low cost banking products and services that help an individual build/rebuild credit, and
establish the base for overall financial wealth building.

Financial Education Objectives
The objective is to help individuals build assets by …

  • Reducing Debt, Increasing Savings and Gaining Financial Confidence
  • Through training, instruction, hands on activities, “homework” and information on additional information and resources, individuals will learn:
  • How to set realistic, attainable financial goals
  • How to develop and maintain a spending plan
  • How to take advantage of traditional checking and savings accounts
  • How to gain access to low cost banking and credit building products
  • How the role of good financial management can have a positive​                                           impact on their overall quality of life
  • Mississippi Community Financial Access Coalition [MCFAC]

Military Initiative
Vision: The single gateway to credible information, programs, services and opportunities available for the entire
Army Family, regardless of user affiliation or location.
Partnership developed in 2014
Provide financial literacy and computer training to veterans
Provide housing to military veterans


Health Initiative
Purpose: Identify partners to help assist MCFAC with identifying health disparities caused by financial and economic stresses.

2018 Graduating Class of Peter's Rock Temple of God. Starkville, MS

2018 Graduating Class of Mount Carmel MB Church Vicksburg,  MS

  • Savings/Investment
  • Retirement/Estate planning
  • Legal-Know your Rights/Fair Housing
  • Basic Life Skills
  • Education
  • MS College Savings Account Program
  • Small Business Development​


Creating Opportunities Through Shared Vision

mississippi community financial access coalition